Slugs, Snails and Easter Trails

Despite the rain on Sunday the Easter trails at Crantock on Saturday and Sunday were very popular, our busiest year yet.

Cadbury supports the National Trust by donating Cadbury Eggheads for every participant. This year they also supplied cardboard Eggsplorer pith hats, as modelled by George and being handed out by Phil.

George - Trail Eggspert






George did all the research and designed both the shorter and longer trails, those people with legs still aching from climbing sand dunes on the longer trail have him to thank. Hopefully everyone took time to read about the different slugs and snails on each post and not just rush round writing down letters to unscramble to win their Cadbury Egghead.








Everyone enjoyed the trails, with some people coming back having enjoyed the trails in previous years and I’m sure we’ll see some familiar faces again next year. The theme is different every year to keep it educational as well as fun!

FinishSarah Stevens, Ranger, Tintagel to Holywell


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