New FTV at Boscastle to Morwenstow


Hello. I’m Darran, a new full-time volunteer working with the Boscastle to Morwenstow ranger team. I landed in Boscastle (where I’ll be living) a little under two weeks ago. Previously, I was down in Totnes getting my Level 2 Diploma in Work-based Environmental Conservation with the Newton Abbot TCV group. And previous to that, I was working in oceanography at the Laboratory of Physical Oceanography at the University of Western Brittany (the LPO at UBO using the French initialisms). I’m here to gain experience working as a ranger as I navigate a mid-life career change. However that pans out, it’s great to have the opportunity to be working outdoors along this fantastic stretch of coastline.

My major hobby is birding and I’m very excited to have Boscastle and its environs as my new local patch. The highlights so far have been fantastic views of peregrines at Western Blackapit and Pentargon, a pair of kestrels showing superbly at Pentargon, and a raven’s nest at Grower Cut. Also great to see fulmars nesting (or preparing to nest) at Eastern Blackapit, razorbills on the Meachard, and swallows and sand martins flying over the cliffs bound for their summer homes somewhere in England. Yet to see any hirundine activity at Stowe Barton Farm though. Any bird news for the North Cornwall coast will be warmly received (puffin or chough sightings anyone?).

Peregrine at Western Blackapit

Contact me at:

Cheers! – Darran.

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