Building bridges

One of the casulaties of the winter storms was a wooden footbridge on the coast path at Baby Bay, New Polzeath. The entire structure was uprooted by the storm surge and rendered beyond repair. So a new bridge has been constructed and we are pleased to say that this has now been installed. Like the first bridge it has been made out of green oak and the heavy timbers should last many a year. The individual pieces were manoeuvred into position by hand and the bridge was constructed on site with the help of our volunteer rangers.
Also helping was Ben Spicer from Cornish Rock Tors which is our local ‘ambassador’ business offering kayaking, coasteering and climbing activities to our visitors. The Trust has been working with Ben for over a year now, and following the storms this winter he was keen to help ‘put something back’ repairing a part of the coast where he lives and works. It also takes the partnership with National Trust a step further with Cornish Rock Tors being able to get involved with a hands on project on the local property.
We are also very grateful for a donation from a private sponsor which covered the cost of the replacement.
Mike – Head Ranger

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