Breaking News! Anas platyrhynchos found in flower bed!

If you’re lucky enough to have a pond somewhere near where you live, then you may unwittingly be hosting some Anas platyrhynchos nesting in your garden.

Ducks TS 21.3.14

That’s ducks to you and me!

Ducks build their nests in march and could lay their eggs anytime between mid march and July. According to the RSPB, they’ve been known to build their grassy beds in boathouses, wood piles, old crows nests, hay stacks, roof gardens, enclosed courtyards and even in large flowerpots on balconies several floors up!

If you find a duck on a nest or a nest with eggs in, stay well clear. Laying eggs is a stressful business apparently! We’ve already had to change our gardening habits in one of our holiday cottages as one duck has chosen to build her nest in our flower bed!

For more info on Ducks, check out the RSPB webpage.

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