Smoky fleeces, scratched arms and the last hurrah for winter scrub bashing

Clearing scrub overlooking Crantock Bay

Clearing scrub overlooking Crantock Bay

Wednesday 19 March will be our last volunteer scrub management day of this winter. Thats your last opportunity until October, blink and you’ll miss it!

Over winter we’ve spent 15 days wading into thick gorse, blackthorn and brambles on National Trust land between Holywell and Tintagel, cutting it back to ground level and then burning it to allow a wider diversity of plants to thrive on our coastal grassland habitats.

Last Saturday, we were joined by nine volunteers and a dog at Vugga Cove, overlooking the amazing Crantock Bay. We cleared a large area of rank grass and gorse stumps, raking off the leaf litter and revealing the bluebells already pushing skywards. It was a superb spot to spend the day, with plenty of heat in the sun and front row views of the surfers lining up on the left hand side of the beach. With fleeces saturated with bonfire smoke and bramble scratched arms, the day finished off perfectly with a pint in the nearby Bowgie Inn, where three of our enthusiastic volunteers spend their working days. Thanks to the Bowgie for letting us use their car park!

If you would like to join us for our final volunteer scrub bash (there’s a free jacket potato lunch in it for you) on Wednesday 19, please email or call 01208 863821.

Otherwise, we’ve got a full programme of volunteer days lined up for the rest of the year, soon to be uploaded to our events page so watch this space…

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