Sandymouth Storms

The storms this winter have seen devastating events and flooding in some parts of the country, in comparison we seem to have got off fairly lightly. Despite the sea being wild, and having to cancel a much needed beach clean, there has not been much damage. We have seen the usual cliffs crumbling, a handrail ripped off at Sandymouth, and mountains of sea waste being deposited on the beaches north of Bude. So far we have taken away 4 Landrovers full of beach waste from Sandymouth, and I estimate there are another 3 to come from Duckpool and Northcott, not to mention what we might find at Strangles on Sunday!

So here is a plea for help!
We are doing 2 more beach cleans in January, please come along if you have time, even if you can only spare an hour.
If you can’t spare any time, but would like to sponsor a beach clean, to help pay for materials, and disposal of waste (£300 per skip!), then please do contact me at:

Sunday 19 January
10am- 4pm or until the beach is clean!
Strangles beach clean
Get out in the crisp winter air and help us clean Strangles beach. Lunch supplied free by Old Rectory. St Juliot
Meet at Strangles car park (Grid Ref: SX134950) EX23 0LG
Please note: access to the beach is difficult

Tuesday 21 January
Meet 10am at Duckpool
Duckpool/Northcott Beach clean.
We will tidy up after the storms, moving onto Northcott if we have time. Meet at Duckpool car park (GR: SS202 117)

Below are some pictures of the storms and the aftermath at Sandymouth.



calm after the storm
calm after the storm

Just some of the netting dragged off the beach (Margaret Dingle)
Just some of the netting dragged off the beach
(photo shared by M. Dingle)

no more sand at Sandymouth!
No more sand at Sandymouth!

spot the dog!
Spot the dog!?

the storm
The Storm


Rob and Susan Walters sent us the following words and pictures of their day beach cleaning down at Duckpool today, Tuesday 14th Jan –

“We collected 7 bin liners of plastic from Duckpool today, there is still loads down their. Other people have been down and centralised a load on the other side of the stream (see picture).
Most of the rubbish seems to of been washed over the pebble beach.
Sadly most of the sand is missing from the beach and at the head of the beach on the left hand side there has been a sizeable rockfall.”






Works and photos shared with permission

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