Volunteer crew cleans up!

Fighting the tide of litter!

Fighting the tide of litter!

A massive festive thank you goes out to the fourteen people (and one dog) who braved the weather to join the rangers in their seasonal beach cleans at Holywell and Crantock.

Gathering in the Holywell beach car park, we then scoured the high tide line and the sand dunes behind. Armed with litter pickers and bin bags we managed to collect 15 bags of beach waste that makes the place untidy and is potentially harmful to wildlife and walkers. We also picked up four old tyres and a gas bottle, kindly flytipped in our car park!

We were treated to some fairly wild weather at points but handily this all blew over by the time the team made the short trek over to the beach at Crantock for round two of the beach cleans and another 15 bags of rubbish collected. The litter found on the beach is predominantly fragments of plastic and fishing net that has been churned around in the ocean until it ends up on our shores. According to the Marine Conservation Society, beach litter has increased by 140% since 1994 and there are nearly 2000 items of rubbish for every kilometre of our beaches.

This amounts to a massive amount of litter and an enormous task to keep our beaches clean. We were so pleased that so many people came to help us, taking pride in their local beaches. But it also meant that we could have a really good go at removing as much of the litter as possible.

For now, the beaches at Crantock and Holywell may be a bit cleaner but unfortunately this is a constant battle. So, when you go for your weekend walk or your post Christmas dinner stroll, why not take a small carrier bag with you and pick up a few bits of litter whilst you’re out and about. If everyone did this, we’d be well on our way to keeping these amazing beaches clean and safer for wildlife.

As a reward for our efforts the ranger team even treated themselves to a quick chilly swim in the sea at Crantock! Just a few minutes mind!

Post litter pick swim!

Post litter pick swim!

Wishing all our volunteers and visitors a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

The Holywell to Tintagel Ranger team

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