St Jude Storm Damage in the Valency Valley

So, Sunday the 27th St Jude storm night came and went, and the 20 year storm that had been forecast never really took our roof off here… but there were some reports of minor damage around the property. A local dog walker, Tom contacted us via our social media network after being while out and about on Monday morning. He’d  found the path had disappeared just above the footbridge in Peter’s Wood in the Valency Valley after a tree had come down across the river..

~ tree across the river ~

~ Rufus the dog discovering the landslip ~
~ photo copyright Tom Doggett – used with permission ~

~ the land slip from the other-side ~
~ photo copyright Tom Doggett – used with permission ~

The rangers were contacted and went up to check the woods for for this and any other trees that may have come over in the ‘big’ storm. Not a sausage they found, until they got to this beauty –

Peters wood path 3

– a multi-stemmed tree (or trees), that had not fallen over the path, but on it’s way, had taken the path with it, into the river. They’ve now dug into the bank above the pathway and scratched out a new path for now, but it will need monitoring…

Peters wood path 6
~ landslip before the rangers arrived… ~

Peters wood path 4
~ … and afterwards once the work had been done ~
~ (with Holly the dog looking on!) ~

~ and after the work had been done from the other side of the slip ~

And when the river starts flowing slightly lower, they’ll get down there to remove the tree from the flood zone.

Meanwhile, if you are out and about, please let us know if there are any changes.

Thanks ~
North Cornwall ranger team

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