Sun, Moon, stars and some clouds too

On Saturday 12 October, Kernow Astronomers were at Carnewas (near Bedruthan Steps) with their telescopes. Everyone was welcome to go along to look at the sun, moon and stars through their telescopes. The astronomers have so much knowledge and are more than happy to share it.

Sun gazing

Unfortunately cloud kept covering the sun and the moon. But the sky still looked really pretty.

Cloudy skies

Inbetween the clouds everyone dashed to the telescopes to have a look. A number of young children came along from a local primary school with their parents. It was great to hear their reactions to seeing the craters on the moon ‘That’s wicked’ and ‘It’s amazing’ were said a few times! And it is amazing, if you haven’t seen the moon or the sun through a telescope then you are missing out! We did see quite a few stars too, my new constellation to remember is the ‘summer triangle’, if I can remember one thing each time I go along that’s good enough for me.

We saw the International Space Station too. I tried to take a photo but its all black with a white spec on it – the moon. I can’t make out the Space Station in the photo which is a shame.

Kernow Astronomers will be back at Carnewas again next year, we’ll post the dates for you.

Sarah Stevens, Ranger


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