Meadow Management Day

Thanks to all the volunteers who raked up the grass in Boscastle on Sunday. You did a grand job and hope you all enjoyed your day. Everyone definitely deserved their cup of coffee at the end of the day.

meadow day 18.08.13

The annual grass cut is an important part of managing the meadows for wildlife, particularly the wild flowers and butterflies which live in the valley. The cutting removes nutrients from the meadow, which prevents the grasses becoming dominant in the meadow and out-competing the wildflowers. Thanks to your good work hopefully the meadow will be full of wildflowers and butterflies next summer.

The next Boscastle to Morwenstow volunteer day is on Tuesday 3 September at Stowe Orchard, hope to see a few of you there.

Jenny Herbert, Ranger, Boscastle to Morwenstow

2 thoughts on “Meadow Management Day

  1. Martin Mather says:

    Did grass raking at Coleton Fishacre with Exeter NTV, awesome effort, just helped clear out Tyneham village pond in Dorset with Dorset Countryside Volunteers – muddy but well worthwhile – public visitors joined in – well received effort first done twenty five years ago ! A return clean up ! Is it pond clearing on Tuesday 03rd – will turn up then – where to – location & time please ????

  2. Martin Mather says:

    Ah found it via your magazine / work list – excellent – I should arrive c 10:00 at the farm as directed to do the pond clearing & will bring suitable changes of clothes & it ought to be warm so will be a good pond digging day for sure. My speciality 🙂 Cya’ll then on Tuesday next 🙂 Martin – Exeter NTV

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