Landslip on the coast path at Dannonchapel, North Cornwall coast

On Easter Monday there was a landslip just south of Jacket’s Point at Dannonchapel, which is between Tintagel and Port Isaac.

Dannonchapel landslip 01

It took out part of a flight of steps on the south west coast path. No one was hurt. Dannonchapel landslip 02Dannonchapel landslip 03

Safety netting to cordon off the area was put up and yesterday the ranger team made a temporary diversion route. Once the stability of the site has been assessed a permanent diversion will be created. This means that the Tintagel to Port Isaac section of the coast path will be a few metres longer than it was before!

Dannonchapel landslip 04

Here’s a link to BBC Spotlights report on the slip

Sarah Stevens, Ranger, Tintagel to Holywell

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