Things going BOOM! in Boscastle!

With some schools on half term this week, there are some more people about, and even first thing this morning, there were some people about to see the Boscastle Blowhole doing it’s thing….

However, if you were in the village mid afternoon Monday 11th February, there were slightly louder things going on. The Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Squad were called down to take care of an old Mills Bomb found behind the Wellington Hotel during some landscaping work that they are carrying out.


Even although the grenade was old, encrusted and rusty, no chances were being taken. It was carefully removed to the cliffs at the end of the harbour, with no-one else close by, and with a bit of help, it was detonated with a boom that shock the harbour.

Alice Wright from ‘This is Cornwall’ also picked up this story, filling out some of the details we missed – here’s her article on it –

“The Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Squad from Devonport was called in to carry out a controlled explosion in Boscastle yesterday, after a hand grenade was discovered in a garden in the North Cornwall village.

A Royal Navy spokeswoman said that the grenade was found at the bottom of a garden by the Environment Agency, which is carrying out some flood defence work in the area. They then alerted the Royal Navy.

“It was pretty rusty and they couldn’t determine what it was,” she said. “The petty officer in charge of the team deemed it not safe to move back to Plymouth.”

Instead, the grenade was taken to cliffs at the end of the harbour and safely disposed of.”

The spokeswoman added that it was not possible to say where the grenade had come from, or how it had ended up in the Boscastle garden.”

Thisiscornwall story:
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So, it might be said, even at this time of year, it isn’t always that quiet in North Cornwall!

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