Any Theme……..

Many years ago I left home as a bright eyed 18 year old and went travelling. My first trip was to Hong Kong, China and Australia, all on my own with a second-hand backpack. This was in the rose tinted days before the connected world of email, internet, texts or mobile phones. If I wanted to get word home that I was well, a letter took a week or more, or a phone call cost three days food allowance. I was free and it was an amazing time!

At one point someone gave me a scrap of paper with a ‘set of travelling rules’ on it. Most I’ve long since forgotten, but I know one was ‘trust no-one / trust everyone‘ (which confused me as an 18year old, but now I totally understand) and another was ‘have a theme, any theme‘. This second one I have lived by, and still live by. When I am out and about I give it a reason. A walk on the beach? A trip to town? To the supermarket? I try to make the experience more then just the trip.

I always carry a camera to catch moments, and a beach trip without a dog just isn’t the same…. and the following takes this to the next level….

The following video arrived today via the lovely people at TR7 Film and Media production in Newquay (@TR7Productions on twitter)…. with love from the North Coast……

RUARRI JOSEPH :: Till The Luck Runs Dry from LIGHT COLOUR SOUND on Vimeo.

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