A shiny new Volunteer Ranger in North Cornwall

The North Cornwall ranger team has recently been joined by a new recruit who will be helping us with all of the conservation work we do. Here’s a few words in way of an introduction.

“North Cornwall is a fantastic area to work, everyone has been very welcoming, the coast line is spectacular and I’m volunteering on the National Trust stretch from Holywell to Tintagel.

I studied FdA Environmental Education and Bsc Environmental Science focusing on community development and practical conservation management.

After two weeks of working as a full time volunteer with the North Cornwall Rangers I have gained an insight into Ranger life.  I am learning various skills and gaining valuable knowledge to prepare me for working life in the conservation sector.  From practical habitat management, coastal access and protection, leading volunteer groups and working within the community.

I hope to explore the role in a lot more depth throughout my 6 month placement and gain more responsibility as I progress.”


Rebekah Scott

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