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Imagine our surprise, and ensuing amazement, as myself and NT archaeologist Jim Parry came across this guy producing a sand sculpture on the sands of a low tide Diggory’s beach at Bedruthan today. Armed only with a garden rake, he raced against the tide to produce a stunning, ephemeral piece of artwork made up of interlocking swirls and spirals.  We stood captivated for a while as the creation took place, but regretfully couldn’t stay to see the finished piece – anyway looked pretty good to me…..might give it a go sometime!

UPDATE – Found him!

Following on from the last post, I couldn’t resist doing some Googling re the mystery sand artist. Got to be local man Tony Plant looking at images on this link – Seems to be a not totally unusual art form – check out – www.andresamadorarts.com to see some stunning beach art from a San Francisco based sand raker! For a minute I thought he might have been on his holidays here!

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