Naturalist Cub badge at Pentireglaze

On Saturday 10th November I was joined by fifteen young, mostly enthusiastic youngsters all eager to get their naturalist cub badge, set up in partnership with the Wildlife Trusts, National Trust and Natural History Museum. The aim is to get young people outside, (away from their playstation) and to enjoy, learn and interact with the natural environment.  

From the leaders package there is six activities to choose from with only three being required to gain the prestigious badge. I took the children down to Baby Bay, near Polzeath where, with a not so low tide, we split into groups and searched the shoreline and rocks for seaweed. I think it’s fair to say the children all loved this activity as they were clambering around the rocks with smiles on their faces, collecting as much sea weed as they could fit in their hands.

After some getting quite wet we marched back up to  the office where half the group looked at leaves from different trees and had a test to see what they could identify from i.d sheets, while the others (with much delight) made bird feeders in our workshop; using seeds, nuts, fruit and lard to pack it all together. This caused much excitement as it was quite messy and it was obviously like nothing they had done before. The groups then swapped around so every child had completed the three tasks.

I set up this event for the purpose of my diploma in Work Based Environmental Conservation, and it was a big success. The children all seemed to be happy and some of them knew there stuff when it came to trees and other wildlife as well! The end result has been a good link set up with the North Cornwall Scout and Cub groups, with the Cub masters eager to do more activities and events in the future.

Ashley Millman

Full Time Volunteer (Holywell to Tintagel)

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