A sky full of stars….

Last night (20th October) at Carnewas near Bedruthan Steps the sky was amazing! The local Brannel Astronomy group came along with their telescopes and expertise to give everyone a chance to look at the sun, the moon and the stars. It was incredible to see the sun through a telescope and the craters on the moon. We saw thousands and thousands of stars, with no cloud in the way to stop us looking in awe at the Milky Way and many constellations. We also saw the International Space Station – twice! It orbits the earth in just 90minutes, travelling at over 17,000 mph – now that’s fast! The International Space Station can be seen with the naked eye as it is only 200 miles above us….. It has no lights so we only see it when the sun is shining on it. We also saw an amazing shooting star, it was really noticeable, not just the usual blink and you missed it shooting star – although we did see a few of those too.

picture copyright dkng studios (used with permission) – like the picture, check out their website, some great stuff on there!

It really was incredible and so fantastic to have people there to explain to those of us that don’t really know one star or constellation from another. Thanks to Brannel Astronomy and the weather – it really was an enlightening and starry evening.

Sarah Stevens, Ranger, North Cornwall – Tintagel to Holywell

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