A Bakers Dozen

Would you like the chance of baking in a tradition Cornish clome oven??

One of the features of the Old Post Office in Tintagel is an old cloam oven that for many years was unused. Last year we fixed it up and tested it out, and got some rather fantastic baked results from it, so good in fact that we thought we’d fire it up again this year….

Once we fire it up this year we are looking for either individuals or small businesses to come along and try baking in it.

We are looking for anyone who may be interested around the North Cornwall area to come and take part.

We are going to need warning of who is bringing things to bake as then we can judge how long we keep the oven going and what needs to be baked first so people will have to contact us to say they are coming along.  So if you are interested, please contact (email) Joanne Burgess or call her on 01840 770024

Please note the food is going to have to be prepared off site and brought to us ready to go in the oven.

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