Volunteer Day: Butterfly Glade Creation

Tuesday 4th September saw the Cornwall Volunteer Group gather in Boscastle for a day creating butterfly glades. Adult butterflies feed on nectar and prefer sunny and sheltered sites, while many butterfly caterpillars need specific plants to feed on whilst growing up. By cutting back tall grass and brambles and raking the cuttings off, we were providing the right conditions to encourage a range of flowering plants which will provide food for butterflies in the years to come.

Amongst the mist in the hills above Boscastle we raked off the grass from a rise beside the path, tempted by the smell of pasties wafting up from the village. Although it was a bit cool and foggy a few butterflies did make an appearance towards lunchtime to show their appreciation.



After lunch (and Rob’s explanation of his scientific experiments into Cornish pasty contents) we did more raking, clearing an area of meadow next to the river valency.


Thanks to everyone that turned up, hope to see you again on Sunday 16th September when we will be doing a beach clean as part of clean Cornwall week.

Jude Smith, Volunteer Ranger

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