Stone Walling At Maer Cliff

Last Sunday the CVG were kept busy repairing an old stone wall on Maer Cliff near Bude. Stone walls are an excellent habitat for a wide range of plants and animals such as fleabane, lizards and voles.

A few sections of wall had become damaged and had collapsed. The fallen stones had already been piled up nearby so the day started off energetically, with everyone enthusiastically grabbing the largest rocks to form a sturdy base layer. To prevent the wall from collapsing again, we tried to set the stones so that they sloped slightly towards the middle of the wall to avoid the upper layers from slipping off. We also tried to offset the stones on each layer to avoid long vertical gaps that would weaken the wall.

As the day wore on, the sun became hotter and all the regular-shaped stones had been used up. It became a bit of a 3D jigsaw challenge to fit in some of the more unusually shaped pieces and there was a lot of stone-poaching going on between the different walling section teams. We also needed to backfill the gap behind our new wall by packing the space with soil and small stones.

Everyone was very proud at the end of the day since we managed to finish off three large sections of wall between the six of us. We gave our new wall the finishing touch by decorating the top with beach pebbles so that it blended in with the original.

If you are interested in joining us next time we will be meeting on Tuesday 4th September for butterfly glade creation and meadow management in Boscastle. Meet at the overflow car park in Boscastle (Grid ref: SX100 913) for 10am.
Contact Jenny at if you have any queries.

All the Best,
Anna Lewis. Full Time Volunteer Ranger.

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