Final Balsam bash 2012

On Tuesday 24th July we did our final battle with Himalayan Balsam. With clear blue skies overhead, we hiked up Valency Valley where we managed to clear a large area near Lesnewth. At this point in the season, some of the plants have grown taller than us, and are just about to start seeding. Once this happens we stop balsam bashing for the year as we are more likely to spread it than reduce it.

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This year we have had 7 full days dedicated to Balsam bashing, stopping at least 50,000 plants from spreading their seed. With help from Cornwall College, NT volunteers and the Minster muckers in Boscastle, we have made a huge difference to the native wildlife in Valency Valley, and hope to continue our efforts next year. By the afternoon we were feeling rather wilted, and needless to say, the day ended with a much needed trip to the pub!!! Here’s a MASSIVE THANK-YOU to everyone who helped this year.

All the best, Jenny.

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