We blitzed the barbed wire….

We had a Barbed Wire Blitz at Holywell Bay on Sunday 22 July. The beach and dunes were used for training during World War II. After the war, barbed wire (and who knows what else) was buried under the sand. Due to the sands shifting, some of the barbed wire has been exposed on an area of dune (not owned by the National Trust). To make the area safer for all the bare footed visitors we have taken on the task of removing the wire on and near to the surface. With the help of a couple of members of Mid Cornwall History Hunters with their metal detectors, we managed to find the extent of the area affected. We had a few National Trust volunteers help collect and dig up the bits and pieces and even a few young visitors to the beach helped out too! We would like to go back again to dig up some more one day in August. Anyone who can help us with the task, please get in touch 01208 863821.

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Sarah Stevens, Ranger, North Cornwall – Tintagel to Holywell properties

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