Our Swallow chicks 2012

Swallowsa 020712 005Swallows 020712 054Swallows 020712 052Swallows 020712 048Swallows 020712 047Swallows 020712 038
Swallows 020712 033Swallows 020712 024Swallows 020712 023Swallows 020712 021Swallows 020712 019Swallows 020712 018
Swallows 020712 011Swallows 020712 005

swallows2012, a set on Flickr.

Our first swallow chicks of the 2012 season left the nest this week. They have been learning to fly in the courtyard area between the NT Boscastle cafe / shop and the Museum of Witchcraft…. these beautiful shots were photographed by our friend Graham from the Museum. They show the first day the baby birds have left the nest and are still expecting the parent birds to feed them……

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