What a brilliant boardwalk!

Last week, eight volunteers from all over the country came and stayed at Beach Head bunkhouse at Park Head for a Working Holiday. Their three day task was to remove and replace an old boardwalk on a permissive path through a conservation area at Park Head down to Porth Mear.

They did a fantastic job ripping up the old boardwalk, banging in numerous posts required for the new boardwalk, sawing many a piece a wood so everything fitted together and then hammered in countless nails and staples to finish the task. Most of them had never built a boardwalk before but soon got stuck in (quite literally in the mud at times!) and learnt skills and felt muscles they never knew they had. Tom (NT Ranger) and I are very pleased with the end result and look forward to seeing the surrounding vegetation growing up around the new boardwalk over the next few months to help blend it in.

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To find out more about National Trust working holidays go to:   http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/holidays/working-holidays/

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