Boscastle Balsam bash – This weekend, 19th & 20th May – Come and get stuck in!!

Come and join us and Cornwall College volunteers for the Boscastle Balsam Bash on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May from 10am-3pm.

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Himalayan Balsam was introduced to this country in 1839, and in recent years it has spread along riverbanks all over the UK. It spreads very quickly as the seed pods explode on contact, sending the seeds flying!! The seeds then get carried down rivers and settle on banks further downstream. The plant takes over areas of bank, blocking out space for our native plants and causing river bank erosion.

We need help battling this non-native plant in Valency Valley. If you can spare a few hours over the weekend, meet us at the end of the car park in Boscastle where you will see a National Trust marquee. Don’t forget your wellies!!

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