What wasn’t bagged (and binned) got flagged!

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It didn’t take long for National Trust staff and volunteers, along with Cornwall Council to put 200 red flags next to 200 piles of uncollected dog waste at Crantock on Friday 4 May. Only some of Rushy Green and the dunes which back Crantock beach were flagged.

The exercise only highlighted the problem in a small area of this very popular site. In the car park there was a display explaining the problems of unbinned dog waste and samples of Dicky Bags to show there is an alternative to carrying round smelly bags of dog poo. Dog waste is a hazard to humans with parasites in the waste surviving in the ground long after the signs of the waste have gone.

These parasites can cause serious ill health and blindness.

National Trust volunteer Dog Rangers, along with staff from the National Trust and Cornwall Council spoke to a number of people during the day explaining the reasons for the flags. Sarah Stevens, National Trust Ranger said ‘We could have used 1,000 flags over the entire area, but hopefully just highlighting the issue with 200 flags will make people realise the extent of the problem.

Its not just a problem at Crantock, people are concerned about unbinned dog waste everywhere. We hope that today’s exercise gets more dog owners to consider others and get into the habit of always cleaning up after their dog’.

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