Bag it or we’ll flag it

Does dog waste left on paths bother you? How about plastic bags thrown in bushes or hanging in trees? It bothers the National Trust and that’s why they’re having a ‘red flag day’ at Crantock dunes and beach on Friday 4 May. To highlight the issue of the amount of dog waste that does not get bagged and binned, the Trust and Cornwall Council are going to put red flags beside each pile of dog waste they come across during the day.

Sarah Stevens, National Trust Ranger said: ‘We welcome dog walkers, but would like them to be responsible and consider other people by clearing up after their dog. Our volunteer Dog Rangers, who are also dog owners themselves, do a fantastic job of talking to others about the issue and handing out bags, but we still regularly find dog mess along the paths and bags thrown in amongst the bushes. This is why we are spending the day at Crantock raising awareness of the issue.’

Phil Browning, Environmental Crime Officer for Cornwall Council, agrees: ‘We welcome the opportunity to assist our partners and volunteers from the National Trust in trying to raise public, especially dog walkers, awareness of the problems that can be caused by those who fail to clear up after their dogs.’

The volunteer Dog Ranger scheme began in 2010 with just one dog walker. Now there are over ten volunteer Dog Rangers covering National Trust land at Crantock, West Pentire, Polly Joke, Holywell, Cubert and the Kelseys. The North Cornwall National Trust team and the Dog Rangers would like to thank local business Duck Soup for their kind donations of Dicky Bags, odour and leak proof carriers for those awkward plastic bags, as well as for the bags themselves.

Video of Crantock taken May 1st 2012 by man-on-a-beach
@manonabeach via twitter (shared with permission)

Staff and volunteers from the National Trust, Cornwall Council and Duck Soup will be based at the National Trust’s car park at Crantock beach between 9am and 3pm. Feel free to pop down there for a chat and to see just how much of a problem there is. Want to know more before 4 May? Please phone the Rangers’ office on 01208 863821.

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