Building boxes for birds and bees.

Down on Boscastle Harbour last Friday you might have heard the sound of sawing wood, hammer on nails, interspersed the muffled cry of pain from one of the ranger team. It wasn’t one of our team bonding days, but a bird box and bee hotel building event we had for half term. Armed with Cornish Douglas fir bird box kits, an assortment of drilled wood, twigs and old tree guards we decamped on Boscastle harbour for the day. A lively event saw Mums and Dads carrying the fruits of their children’s labour around a couple of hours after their construction. As part of National bird box week (more of a lucky coincidence than a cunning plan!) the event saw lots of bird boxes and bee hotels that will hopefully provide accommodation for a lucky few in the coming years.

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2 thoughts on “Building boxes for birds and bees.

  1. clethkernow says:

    Was the muffled cry of pain from the same team member that fell in the river last week while pulling rubbish out of the flow?!

    • stowebarton1 says:

      And he thought he got away with that one!

      Yes it was that person as well as another volunteer ranger.

      Personally i avoided any accidents – experience thats what counts!

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