Gimme Shelter from ‘Plants and us’

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Jacobstow School ventured into the Valency valley, Boscastle on a chilly February morning to learn more about their curriculum topic ‘Plants and us’. The name of the game was to exercise minds and bodies in the cold, so a mix and match trail was set out and with clip boards to hand the pupils looked at plants and trees and their various uses. It was then on to the top meadow where the sun was peeking over the hill and offered some of its warmth. We then looked more closely at trees and ran an exercise that tested pupils listening skills and memories. They were put into groups and designated a species of tree, each group then read out to the whole class 3 facts about that tree. I took the fact cards away from the pupils and read out a statement about a tree, the groups then ran to which tree they thought the statement was about. Only with timed conditions did the pressure of knowledge buckle the memories of some of the groups and a tie for first place seemed a fair result in the end. With a forthcoming shelter build event in mind, we then got the pupils to design and then build a shelter which they thought could be used by members of the public and student groups alike. Elements of all the shelters will be used, though I thought the shelter with a fire exit was particularly health and safety conscious. Finally it was off to the overflow car park for a quick round up of the activities with a true/false game and then Jacobstow puipils found sanctuary on the warmth of the bus.

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