Dartmoor Ponies Winter Grazing on North Cornwall Coast

Hereon the North Cornwall coast the Holywell to Tintagel ranger teamrecently took delivery of nine beautiful Dartmoor ponies, includingthree foals born earlier in the year. They seemed delighted to havearrived when they completed their journey, instantly galloping aroundand exploring the picturesque territory of their seaside wintervacation.
Severalof the ponies have returned here from last year, where theypreviously grazed over the winter months. They are to be found on thecliffs at either Epphaven or Doyden (they alternate between theneighbouring locations), where they help to reduce and control scrubsuch as gorse, brambles and blackthorn. This is part of an ongoingscheme that has already spanned almost a decade, with the dualpurpose of providing an environmentally friendly (and cheap!) methodof keeping the scrub down, whilst at the same time creating andenhancing a habitat suitable for wild flowers to flourish within, anda whole host of associated insects and birds.
Jon Gardner

(FTV Ranger Holywell to Tintagel)

2 thoughts on “Dartmoor Ponies Winter Grazing on North Cornwall Coast

  1. Hi Jackie,
    The ponies are currently grazing at the Epphaven/Trevan point section. Which has a Grid Ref of SW 962 802. However we do move them around and they can be any where between here and Port Quin, grazing the cliffs. If you do manage to get down there and paint them, it would be great to see a copy!

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