A sad goodbye to a very valuable volunteer

CoralSmith has been a full time volunteer with the National Trust andCornwall Wildlife Trust over the spring and summer. Here’s herstory:
Photographby Abby Crosby
Istarted as a full time volunteer (FTV) in April this year. My rolewas different to the usual National Trust’s FTVs as my time wassplit between the National Trust and the Cornwall Wildlife Trust,specifically through supporting the Polzeath Voluntary MarineConservation Area (VMCA). The aim of my role was to bring theorganisations closer together as both share a vested interest in thelocal area. Before I started, I felt I needed more experience in theconservation sector and this placement looked like a greatopportunity for me to get involved with two highly respectedconservation charities, and also the chance to live and work in abeautiful place for six months. More specifically, I hoped to gainsome much needed practical skills, as well as continue to develop mymarine conservation experience and working with the public. Duringmy time in North Cornwall, I have learned a wide variety of practicalconservation skills, attended a number of events representing theNational Trust/Polzeath VMCA, and met and worked with some amazingpeople. During these six months I was also able to complete a Level2 Diploma in Work Based Environmental Conservation, thanks to myNational Trust work. Through ongoing training courses provided byboth organisations, as well as my experiences over the six months, Ihave gained valuable skills which I really hope will help lead meinto a career in Environmental Education and Conservation.’

Photograph by Sarah Stevens

Thiswas the first time the National Trust and Cornwall Wildlife Trusthave shared a full time volunteer. But it has worked well and Coralhas been a fantastic asset to both charities. We wish her well in thefuture.
Wemay have another FTV of this type next year, as this year has beensuch a success. The National Trust has a team of three full timevolunteers all year round, but we are always keen to recruit newvolunteers for a variety of part time / casual roles such asvolunteer Ranger, surveyor, photographer, event assistant and litterpicker. If you have some spare time and want to put something backinto your local environment, please get in touchsarahe.stevens@nationaltrust.org.uk

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