The Mega Volunteer Bash

A couple of weekends ago in a blowy andcloudy Boscastle saw a volunteer group get together with a bit of adifference.
It saw our first ‘Mega VolunteerBash’ where the two different volunteer groups from North Cornwallgot together as one to meet, eat and rake some hay. Whilst we are oneproperty, the geography of our patches means that our volunteergroups have never really met and certainly not worked together and wefelt that things had to change.
In the Valency we had our annualwildflower meadow hay cut and this gave our chaps and chappesses anopportunity to swap volunteering tales with each other whilst rakingoff the hay that had lain there drying for some days.
Our pop-up tent provided a briefrespite from the elements for lunch and as some of Jeff’s homemadecider was quaffed by the resting parties, yours truly was left toincinerate the sausages (actually they weren’t that bad….honest). 
With full bellies and spirits highafter lunch we ably finished raking the last hay meadow and maybenext year, weather permitting, I’ll have put in the practice so Idon’t burn the bangers.
Ifyou would like to come and join us on any future volunteering daysplease contact Fred Hutt 01288 331372
PS – I’m also on Twitter @ncntranger

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