Willow Wednesday

A blistering warm day in Boscastle harboursaw the Ranger team displaying their more delicate side. Away fromthe petrol, machine driven madness of strimming coastal footpaths wefound a more idyllic pursuit, weaving willow fish.

With the sun blazing and ice-creamsabound we set up outside the visitors centre and within moments thefirst people came to see what we were up to and join in. The willowand rush was supplied by Maggie Rogers at the Yarner Trust and whilstweaving it provided a good opportunity to see some familiar faces,meet some new ones and to step out of the harness for a day!
We’re planning to hold another WillowWednesday, though it could be more of a Salix Saturday, beforeChristmas where the Ranger team could be weaving decorations for thetree and with only 149 shopping days left you could be walkingthrough a willow wonderland (sorry, couldn’t resist!) but we’llkeep you posted.

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