Looking for Weasels Snout.

Just another day for our volunteer workgroup up on Forrabury stitches looking for Weasel’s snout. You mayhave seen a few weeks ago 6 heads bowed in deep concentrationwandering up and down the stitches. This wasn’t a new NationalTrust initiative to find inner peace, it was just the dedicated soulsof our volunteer group looking for Corn Marigolds and Weasel’sSnout or Lesser snapdragon (Misopates orontium).

Prior to the Stitches being in Trustownership the stitches were given a liberal dose of herbicides andartificial fertilisers and arable crops being sown in the autumn,however now the area is carefully managed under the stewardship ofour tenant farmer at Home farm and numbers of both these species seemto have increased; this is due mainly to moving to spring sown arablecrops and the area being managed organically.
We returned to the area recently tocarry out a Weasel’s Snout count and to our delight found over 400specimens, a great return! With that in mind we went to the local andhad a well deserved pint.
Ifyou would like to come and join us on any future volunteering daysplease contact Fred Hutt 01288 331372 orfred.hutt@nationaltrust.org.uk
PS – I’m also on Twitter @ncntranger

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