Return of the poppies?

We were out in the field, literally, yesterday, surveying the wildflowers at West Pentire, near Newquay. This site is managed specifically as a wildflower nature reserve, using traditional non commercial farming methods of crop rotation. The flowers here are termed ‘arable weeds’ and they rely on this roatation of cultivation at different times of the year to promote germination and their continued survival. There are hundreds of different species some with amazing names like Weasel’s Snout, Venus’s Looking Glass, Pheasants Eye and Western Ramping Fumitory! However it is the bright showy species of the poppies and marigolds that draws people to come and admire. The problem has been though that for quite a few years these species have mysteriously dwindled in population size.

We are thrilled, therefore, that this year we seem to have got somewhere with improved management and once again there are at least some fields with magnificent colour where the poppies and corn marigolds are coming into flower.

These pictures were taken yesterday, but we surveyed many more plants still to come into flower, so keep an eye out over the next week or two and go a walk up there with your camera!

The headland is found beyond the village of West Pentire, just past Crantock which is on the south side of Newquay and the Gannel estuary. Non NT parking available at grid ref SW776605 and SW776607. Or access from the coast path.

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