NCNTTV* or (temporarily for now) Swallow Nest TV

We recently had a rather fantastic flat screen TV installed into the Boscastle NT cafe, just in time to join the feed used by the Museum of Witchcraft (next door) to the swallow nest which is located in the same building.

It has been strangely addictive watching the four chicks being fed by very industrious parents, and many of our visitors have commented on how wonderful it is.

However, this has all come to an end today….. as the chicks have flown the nest…..

… and one even went outside into the mizzle (mist and drizzle) and then sat there looking totally misable.

(if you click on the below picture, you can see small drops of the mizzle on it’s head)

Here’s hoping that we get a second batch of eggs and can spend another three weeks watching the chicks grow up.

*North Cornwall National Trust TV

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