Our colleagues in the RSPB have sent us an update on what is happening with the Cornwall Chough Project. These rare birds are being watched closely in an effort to help increase their numbers for the future.

The nests have been visited and we now know how many chicks there are. Overall there are 15 counted chicks in the first four nest sites…..  All are in good health.

The 5th nest site was unfortunately predated by ravens and there is nothing going on with the 2 males despite a female spending time with them and them building at least 3 nests.

You may see more in the media in the next few days about the chicks, and then more in early June to promote fledging as well as the weekend of celebratory Chough Project events on the 18th and 19th June on the Lizard. Please click on the picture for details of this event.

If you’d like to follow the progress of these wonderful – and very Cornish birds – the RSPB have started to put together a Chough Project blog.*

You can also follow updates on the @cornishchoughs Twitter feed – please pop over if you ‘tweet’ and give them a follow!

Many thanks to Nicola from the RSPB for the update

*(Currently a lot of the information on there is old but it is work in progress.)

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