North of the Boarder Surf Competition

UPDATE 13/05/11

…. part of the National Trust Boarder surf series

The National Trust has taken the decision to postpone tomorrow’s North of the Boarder Junior Surf Competition due to take place at Crantock in Cornwall on Saturday 14th May 2011

Robyn Davies
, National Trust Surf Co-Ordinator said:
‘We have regretfully taken the decision to postpone the North of the Border Junior Surf Competition due to take place at Crantock due to a lack of surf. We have been following the surf reports closely this week and were hopeful of conditions improving, sadly this has not happened. We have a number of entrants travelling some distance so thought it would be fairer to make this decision now to avoid further disappointment. The surf competition will now take place on Saturday 21st of May.’
Anyone requesting further details is asked to call the team on 01208 863046


Saturday 14 May, 2011 UPDATED to Saturday 21st May

Check in time: 08.30
First heat starts: 09.00


Crantock beach, nr. Newquay, Cornwall.

Park in the NT beach car park and make your way to contest control on the beach to check in for your heat.


We protect over 360 miles of coast in Cornwall and Devon and it costs us £50,000 a year to clear the beaches of rubbish…if you stacked all the full skips on top of each other they would be higher than the Statue of Liberty. It is essential to hand pick the litter so as to keep the natural habitats intact. Plastics which make their way into the ocean become potentially fatal for sea birds and marine wildlife, whales have been found starved to death because the amount of plastics in their stomachs made them feel full. And so with this event the National Trust is promoting the importance of litter picking through new judging criteria…read on to make a difference…


The scoring system will be the same as Surfing GB’s score system:

In your heat you are allowed to catch a maximum of 10 waves. Your top two scoring waves will be added together for your final score. The two surfers who score the highest in the heat will progress through to the next round.

There is an option to gain points before your first heat starts by picking up beach litter and handing it into contest control.
A maximum of two points will be available to any one surfer.
One carrier bag of beach litter is worth one point.

Litter picking points will be added to the surfing points to determine who progresses through to the next round. The litter picking points gained before your first heat will go towards your first heat score total. (ie. If you have collected two bags of beach litter before your first heat you will have gained the advantage of two points being added to your first heat score).

link to-
printable pdf entry form

(Hurry – the official closing date for entries is Wednesday 11th May….)

Please contact us if you’d still like to enter the contest on the 21st May…

for any further information please email us at or call us during the week on 01208 863046

We are proud to have amongst others the following Sponsors for the NT Boarder surf series

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