Report on last Saturdays Polzeath #beachclean

It was a beautiful day at Polzeath on Saturday, and my first chance since moving to the area at Christmas to have a wander along Polzeath beach to Baby Bay and back whilst litter picking. At 10am a few of us met up in Polzeath to remove the litter from these lovely beaches. It only took a couple of hours to get it all done, and I think that is in part to some wonderful people litter picking the beaches there regularly – thanks very much for your dedication and hard work. Everyone was lovely and I look forward to meeting up with them all again. 

Our next volunteer day is Wednesday 20 April. We’ll be planting thyme in the valley at Dannonchapel. It’d be great to see as many people there as possible. For more information get in touch with the Ranger team on 01208 863821 or email 

With best wishes, Sarah Stevens, Ranger

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