The Boscastle Spring Clean

On Sunday 20 March a party of volunteers turned out to give Boscastle Harbour a good old fashioned spring clean to see in the start of the tourist season. The weather was glorious and it was an absolute pleasure to be working outside in the sunshine. Tools were selected from the arsenal, and everyone set to on various tasks.

Andy led the charge with the lawnmower, clipping the grass along the walkways, the smell of freshly cut grass wafting through the air.

Maggie and Eunice donned gloves and linseed oil dowsed rags to give the handrail on the bridge a new lease of life. Malcolm and Dave jumped straight in the river in their wellies to keep the walls free of woody growth limiting the risk of vegetation pulling out stones.

Malcolm raked any debris from the river, while Maggie and Dave continued snipping, with Eunice wheeling barrows full of detritus back and forth to the compost heap.

After a well deserved cup of tea and a choccy biscuit sat outside in the sunshine, the team moved on to removing debris and vegetation from the roadside ditch above the youth hostel and clearing the run offs from the path up to Pentargon.

The final task of the day involved a significant amount of coordinated teamwork to tackle a pile of stone near the fishing pots which had fallen down from the wall above in the cold weather. The bigger stones were taken away in a fully laden Landrover, while the smaller pieces were used to fill in potholes in the walkway.

At the end of the day the team was tired but satisfied to have made a difference to the aesthetics of the harbour, with the hope that people will appreciate their hard work so everyone can enjoy the Boscastle Harbour experience. Ice creams all round!

The ranger team would like to thank all the volunteers who turned up on Sunday for their dedication and hard work helping to make the harbour a clean and tidy place reading for the influx of visitors.

If you are interested in joining the National Trust volunteer group in North Cornwall please email Fred at or call 07891 688 165. The next activity is a beach clean at the Strangles on 5th April, check back here for details.

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