Leni Hatcher needs your help…..

What does the outdoors mean to you?
Are we losing touch with nature and the outdoors?
Where are your favorite spots?
What more can be done to get you outside enjoying the countryside?

Our Outdoor Nation’s new roaming reporter, Leni Hatcher, is out and about aiming to get some answers to these, and other questions. She is traveling the length and breath of Northern Ireland, Wales and England meeting people to see what they think, so we know what we can do to make the National Trust better and better for everyone…..

…. here she is explaining it better then I am…

One thought on “Leni Hatcher needs your help…..

  1. The outdoors mean alot to me be able to appreciate what is in the countryside and opportunities to see birds in there own habitats and enjoy walking footpaths get more people to go camping and go back to basics instead of playing games indoors and more water based activities while getting the public to volunteer and visit more of the buildings which are looked after by yourselves i could go on longer but not enough room

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