Jacobstow schools ‘Mystery Tour’

As part of the National Trust guardianship scheme Jacobstow schools rainbow class (4-6 year olds) and the Ranger team at Stowe Barton embarked on a mystery tour. The objective was to help the children explore their local area, perhaps visiting places they had not yet been, or looking at areas from a different perspective.

The tour began promptly as we all boarded the bus, the three mystery locations weighing heavy on our minds. As the bus wound its way up the lanes all eyes where focused out of the windows looking for clues. Quickly the guessing started “Bude, Wadebridge, Boscastle” echoed through the bus. Our first port of call came in to sight and it was ……. Tintagle, the Old Post Office.

At the Old Post Office we explored the sounds we heard on that frosty winter’s morning, and the textures that could be felt. As evidence of our visit all the children took wax rubbings from all the different textures that they found around the building. With the wax rubbings in hand we escaped the cold, back on the bus and off we went.

Our next stop was Valency Valley in Boscastle. Here we took a stroll up the river again exploring the sounds we could hear. We also explored sight, finding the different shapes and colours in that natural environment apposed to the manmade site we had just been to. We all had a good run around and found the best leaves for flying before we went back to the bus.

The final mystery destination soon came into view form the bus window, “yay we are going to the beach”, Crackington Haven to be precise. First we listened to the sounds of the sea, we decided that Tintagle was the noisiest place of all. We hunted the beach to find all the different things that make up a beach. As I little souvenir the children made nature collage book marks to take home.

Back at school we filled in all the missing information on the mystery map and added any extra things we saw on our tour. The class did a brilliant job of remembering where we had been, what the places were called, and all the things we had heard, saw and felt on the way. I hope the class enjoyed themselves and found out a little more about their local area and we all look forward to our next guardianship visit with Jacobstow School.
Amanda Turner For further information Tel: 01288 331 372

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