The Boscastle Flood 2004

The Monday in August 2004 that the Valency River overflowed and flooded Boscastle is well known and has been well documented. In the years since then Boscastle has seen a significant amount of investment resulting not least in new flood defenses, a new bridge, new businesses and a new pubic car park to cope with the influx of visitors coming to see the village where it all happened. So to be invited to share a set of photos* with you from the day that haven’t ever been seen before is very exciting!

As a guest staying at Lower Meadows B and B, our new contributor on our Flickr site took half a roll of photos of the day that he has just shared with us. As he says, the photos are “a candid set from someone who was not only there but along with my wife and son managed to be the last three people posted as missing!” Here is a taster photo….

Boscastle 16th August 2004

To see the full set please visit the Boscastle flood photo set here.

(Anyone in North Cornwall – do you recognise the people in this photo?! We do!!)

*if you have any photos you also like to share with us please join our Flickr group at the Flickr North Cornwall NT Pool …..

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