North of the Boarder (updated 14/05/10)

(info from the National Trust | North of the Boarder | website)

UPDATE 14/05/10
Even with a fantastic response and lots already signed up for Saturdays events, we want to get as many people involved as we can, so applications are still open! Download the form (bottom of the page) and bring it along to Crantock beach on Saturday morning by 8.30 (very latest!) for your chance to shine in the water…..
email us at if you need further details

North of the Boarder is a surfing event to raise the importance of looking after our coastline through the combination of surfing and litter picking. It’s the second event in the Cornish National Trust Boarder series.

It takes place at Crantock Beach, Cornwall, on Saturday 15 May 2010.

Find Crantock Beach on the map HERE

Check-in time: 8.30am
First heat starts: 9am

What it’s all about

We want to highlight the importance of looking after the coastline.
We protect over 360 miles of coast in Cornwall and Devon and pick up approximately 50,000 tonnes of beach rubbish each year; that’s more than three jumbo jets’ worth of litter.
It’s essential to hand pick the litter, and keep the natural habitats intact. Plastics that make their way into the ocean become potentially fatal for marine wildlife. Whales have been found dead; starved because the amount of plastics in their stomach made them feel full.
With this event, we’re promoting the importance of litter picking by creating a surf competition with a difference; one where you can make a difference too.

How the competition is scored

The scoring system will be the same as the British Surfing Association’s score system

  • In your heat, you’re allowed to catch a maximum of 10 waves. Your top two scoring waves will be added together for your final score. The two surfers who score highest in the heat will progress through to the next round.

  • There’s an option to gain points before your first heat starts by picking up beach litter and handing it into contest control. A maximum of 2 points will be available to any one surfer. One carrier bag of beach litter is worth 1 point.

  • Litter picking points will be added to the surfing points to determine who progresses through to the next round.

  • The litter picking points gained before your first heat will be carried through with you heat-on-heat up to, but not including, the semi-finals. (Say you’ve collected two bags of beach litter before your first heat, you’ll have gained the advantage of 2 points being added to each of your heat scores for every heat you progress into up until, but not including, the semi-finals. Here the scoring will be done on surfing prowess alone).

Alder wetsuits to be won
Many thanks to our sponsor Alder for the donation of wetsuits as prizes for the competition.
 Places are limited to just 40 spaces per event, so book your place early to avoid disappointment.

Download your application HERE

Please send BRING your completed registration form to


North of the Boarder competition
The National Trust
Old Farmhouse
St Minver
Cornwall, PL27 6QY

Park in the National Trust car park, where competitors park for free, and make your way to contest control on the beach to check your heat.

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